Knossos - Lassithi Plateau

Monday - Thursday

    Excursion Details :

  • Initially we stop at Psichro to visit the Dikteon cave where it is believed that Zeus was born.
  • The tour continues with a stop at a workshop of handmade traditional pottery. There you will observe the local potters in wheel action and the adventurers may join the hands-on experience with the clay and create their own ceramics.
  • Lunch stop with traditional Cretan food and a quick approach to the Cretan village life style   will be at Tzermiado.
  • On the mountain road we stop at the pretty monastery of Kera Kardioitissa with its well-known frescoes, witness of the religious Byzantine era and art.
  • Last stop of this excursion will be the most important archaeological treasure of Crete, the Minoan Palace of Knossos.

Important Notes

  1. The entrance fees to Knossos Palace is 6,00 €, to Dikteon cave is 4,00 € and to Kera  Monastery is 3,00 €.
  2. This is an excursion that combines a visit to the most important historical and archaeological monuments of Crete together with the opportunity to come closer to the traditional Cretan nature and culture.
  3. Combining two excursions into one saves time and money for the customer. 

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