Knossos - Museum - Heraklion

Tuesday - Saturday

    Excursion Details :

  • We start off the day with the Minoan palace of Knossos as a first stop. The tour lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. Before walking into the corridors of the palace, the guide will pass a wealth of information with regards to the Minoan civilization and the culture of its birthplace.
  • We then board the coach onto Heraklion where we will walk around the city starting from the centre, within the venetian walls, the lions square and the shop market.
  • You will have 1 ½ hours free time for shopping and lunch before you are taken back to the point of return.

Important Notes

  1. The tour in Knossos Palace is always in small groups which do not exceed the number of 50 persons by group, thus everyone will be able to listen and follow the guide.
  2. The Saturday excursion does not include a visit to the winery of Peza which is replaced with visit to the Archeological Heraklion Museum (entrance fee is 4,00 €.)
  3. The entrance fee to Knossos Palace costs 6,00 €. Discount is given to children, students (providing student card) and elders over 67.
  4. An excursion not to be missed.     


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